viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008


This is an interview made to me by TIME OUT.

What's your project for Urban Art about?

It's an exclusive project for Urban Art focus on music, light and pure interaction by audience, a new project that re-invents our "classical" Magic Torch into a musical magic wand. People creating music with a lantern and transforming a building into a full palette of colours. Another step forward on the way of transforming the viewer perspective of enyoing art and becoming part of the work of art. A fact that demonstrates digital art is breaking classical rancid rules, turning spectators into artists. Why not? From conceptual stream there wouldn't have been any new art style looking for the liberation of art conventions giving everyone the opportunity of becoming an artist just with the necessity of communicate, express or transmit any thought through emotion... PLAYTHEMAGIC is all this and more... we love doing magic. Magic as espectacule culture, and critical synonymous of what "experts" call contemporary art.

What effects does it have on the street?

The effect is amazing, exciting and over all: espectacular... new and effective ways to close the modern audience perspectives. User generated music on live mixed with a palette of colors over a luxury building surface and people playing a magic torch with desire: it's a perfect plan.

Is the common pedestrian more receptive towards art than the museum guest?

The museum/official space is another controversial discussion for PLAYTHEMAGIC. We have showed our projects on street and also in galleries or science museums and the response is more or less the same (remind "this is magic") but the audience is totally different... we want to finish this classist "catalogue" of spectators... TV is a format with independence of contents... this is the same, maybe lots of pedestrian will not stop but many museum guests will get out to enjoy and participate... Magic art do not know anything about audience prejudices or I hope so.

How does the viewer interact with your visual?

2 ways: the viewer can watch, listen to and enjoy, or he can become an artist and interact using a magic torch... a special light lantern. Very easy and amazing.

What effects does it have on him?

I HOPE NOT TOO MUCH ADDICTIVE EFFECTS. Or yes... We believe in a new step on human evolution: from homo-sapiens to HOMOCYBERG - the future of human race... and also our potential fans in a very next future... in fact you can see them 20th September in Bucharest's Urban Art Festival. There will be lots of homocybergs and all of them will need digital effects.

Ever been in Bucharest? What does it look like, from a foreigner's point of view?

We have never been in Rumania. PLAYTHEMAGIC has been, with different projects, in Sao Paulo, Seul, Berlin, Switzerland or USA... and now Bucharest. We are very proud. Furthemore, in Spain, Bucharest sounds very exotic and exciting! More than London, Berlin or Paris... maybe we are sharing a special moment: Bucharest as the new underground avant capital of Europe, and Urban Art Festival as the best initiative to start this new digital and cultural time. and PLAYTHEMAGIC representing digital art interaction. Great!

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